Borland pascal pklite.rar binobj.exe Frunze Comander bin safe colors.html Clipart

Hitler a ľidy

Graphic and Games:

Maze.rar Game Mazi
Kangemes.rar Monopoly and poker for you
Tola.rar Snake game
Snake.rar Snake game 2
Warlord.rar Warlord ???game
Tetris.rar Tetris
Pisq_src.rar Go-Mouki
Img2.rar Mirage its my first game with documantetion ;-)
Miny.rar Minesweeper
Clock.rar skreensaver clock with expand funktion
fcomsrc.rar Frunze Comander src

Matematik and algoritms

Deriv.rar Derivation of function
Sortiere.rar Sortiren
bca072.rar Cryptograpfi
Elmindos.rar exp(12.12)=183505.514904384908832532450662216212...
Koder.rar Notepad with criptografi
Mesenger.rar Aarchiv viewer with naice file choiser
PolinomsCalculator.rar Calculator for polinoms (3*x^2*(5*x^2+x))'= Simple RLE packer, written in early 1996. It can compress files and directories into one file with (DOS) shell patterns (* and ?). It is very easy to use (arj-like syntax), but the compression ratio is about 1:1, sometimes compressed files use more space than uncompressed. If you use it, please let me know, I will put there all the fools, who use this program. For DOS, written in Borland Pascal 7.0. Download sources (17kB). Calculator
> !set valid 50
value VALID is 50.
> 211^211


datbases.rar Base of dat with
db.rar Unit for base of dat with


Melodi.rar Function Sound in pascal

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